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Well hot damn, i'm excited you're here. I'm Emily - you can call me em. 

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I love taking adventures all over the world, photographing weddings. seniors, boudoir, and helping other photographers perfect their craft. When I have my shit together, I blog about them using way too many exclamation points. What can I say, I love my job! Grab a coffee and stay a while!


February 21, 2020

I’ve wanted to write this post for FOEVAAAA and I’m just now getting around to it. Typical. But we’re here, and I want to share with you the main gear I take with me on a wedding day. I won’t bore you with the entire inventory (hello memory cards and batteries) but today we’ll walk […]

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ūüĖ§ Whether or not you celebrate the “Hallmark Holiday” (as my husband lovingly puts it), date nights are crucial to having a significant other! If you’ve just started dating, just got engaged (or maybe today’s the day!), have been married 10 years, or have 6 kids, dating your partner should be […]

January 15, 2020

I cannot believe it’s January already. This is one of my most anticipated posts of the entire year. Including not only myself but fellow co-workers and professionals I get to work alongside for some goofy-ass photos is my bread and butter. I love this post, but it’s always a long one, so strap in folks. […]

November 29, 2019

Black Friday, am I right?! Some people LOVE it, and some people hate it. I personally love it! Since today’s post falls on Black Friday, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for getting through today! 1. Find the Deals, duh. I think the main reason people love this day is the amazing deals […]

November 22, 2019

If you follow my senior Instagram then you’ve already heard that I’ve recently teamed up with the lovely Sydney of Syd + Sadie’s Boutique out of Gibson City, IL. Before she even opened her doors we started brainstorming ways to up the Mager Image Senior Experience! My seniors now get a one of a kind […]

November 15, 2019

I often get asked a handful of the same questions time and time again. As a wedding photographer, there are many stories to tell, much advice to give, plenty of questions to answer. I thought I’d spend a little time today to do just that! If you have any further questions, I will answer them! […]

June 25, 2019

It is literally in the heart of wedding season so why not give you upcoming brides some tips + tricks to make your wedding day flow smoothly! When you hire me….you hire all my wedding advice/experience – and trust me DO I HAVE SOME ADVICE FOR YOU! These are small things, but they will inevitably […]

May 31, 2019

  There you have it! I look forward to seeing what else pops up on the radar and may post an updated list sometime! If you’re interested in any of the products on Groovy Guy Gifts site, use the code “MagerImage10” for 10% off your order!¬† *This post contains affiliate links*

May 3, 2019

I’m super excited to be adding a new “mini segment” to the blog this season! Leading up into prime time wedding season, I thought it would be a nice idea to marry our #fridayfives with a Gift Guide mini series and I’m kicking things off with the Bridesmaids Edition. It’s always nice to show your […]

December 11, 2018

Sometimes (ok, all the time) I have a hard time keeping focused and on task. Working from home, it’s really easy to get distracted, especially when working on the computer 99% of the time. Facebook can be the death of productivity. I’ve tried everything from digital to-do lists, dry-erase workflow boards, timers, you name it. […]

November 20, 2018

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur in any business type we find ourselves answering the same questions over and over. Early in my business life I was spending SOOO much time typing out answers to each person and essentially saying the same thing time and time again. Sometimes, I’d miss information or forget to say […]

July 30, 2018

I’m so excited for today’s vendor feature! I first met Lindsey at our local Tuesday’s Together¬†and immediately had to look up what she did. Lindsey owns and operates Letters From Lindsey – a custom bespoke calligraphy and stationary design business she began in the summer of 2015. Let me tell you, she’s amazing at what […]

July 16, 2018

Last year, I had the privilege of meeting and working with the lovely Tori of Tori Beach Videography. She’s fun, sweet, and down to earth! I am so stoked to have her on the blog today and if you’re in search of a wedding videographer for your big day or a business in need of […]

July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day! With summer in full swing, weddings almost every weekend, and a June bride myself, I thought we’d take a minute to talk about the downfall of summer, the overwhelming heat. Sure, in winter, hot summer days are all we dream about, but if we’re realistic, we’re really looking for days in the […]

June 10, 2018

Tuesday Tips I truly believe I’m in a love-hate relationship with emailing, and I¬†know I’m not the only one, because I’m often asked about tips for being more efficient in the office, specifically regarding email. Now, before I share my “secrets”, please note – I’m not perfect. These “secrets” keep me on the struggle buss […]

June 3, 2018

The Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre, Indy, IN Where to even begin! I headed out on Friday night, the first weekend in April, in anticipation of the weekend ahead. The event is hosted by some dear friends of mine, Kellie and Rebekah, and the fifth year of The Reset Conference was just hours away. I hadn’t […]

March 15, 2018

Each year, I try and step my wedding day game up in many different ways. This past, oh, 18 months, I’ve really been concentrating on the bling! I’m going to get a bit “techy”, but before then all I had to photograph the rings was my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L series lens, and it just wasn’t […]

January 11, 2018

Another year. Damn. It’s so hard to believe that 2018 will be the start of my FIFTH year with Mager Image Photography. I have been so fortunate to have stumbled into this job that started as a side hobby and turned into something I not only cherish with my whole heart but can support my […]

October 11, 2017

The first time I saw Stephanie’s invitations, I was in love. The color, the design, the setup, the detailing, everything, it was all just perfect. It wasn’t your standard template invitation, where you go to a website, pick a color, add the type, and print stock cards that could look like next week’s wedding invites. […]

October 1, 2017

Hello! For a while now, I’ve wanted to start a mini series to share a bit about me, my interests, and possibly things I’m loving at the moment, or more! I’m not exactly sure where we will end up but I do know I’ve wanted to share more with you all on a more consistent […]

September 13, 2017

Guys. YOU GUYS. LOOOOOOOOOK! I am so excited to share some big news with you, though if you’re a follower of my Instagram and Facebook, you already know. But I can’t help but share again! The styled shoot I helped create along with the amazing ladies of Southern Magnolias Events and many other individuals has […]

June 29, 2017

I never know where to start when “introducing” myself or talking about me personally. I think it something a lot of people struggle with. However, I LOVE a good random fact. I ask everyone for random facts, clients, family, friends, it doesn’t matter! I want to know! They’re fun, unpredictable, unsolicited, and RANDOM! So today, […]

May 4, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve added another post to the “Inspired By’ segment of the blog! Today I want to talk bouquets. Not just any bouquets, but more specifically the BRIDAL bouquet. Do you know¬†why brides started carrying bouquets? I do! Back in the 1600’s (before plumbing and running water) women would bathe¬†yearly. Yep, you […]

April 20, 2017

Earlier this month, I kicked off my first ever Vendor Feature blog post with Bethany + Ainsley Laven of Southern Magnolias Events. I loved having the opportunity to share their passions and couldn’t wait to share another wedding vendor with you. Lori Martin with Cakes by Lori has been a vendor for many weddings I […]

April 13, 2017

Last week on the blog, I shared my favorite photos from Bexley’s Milk Bath Photoshoot¬†and had tons of great comments and compliments, along with a few questions on how I did it! Milk bath photography has been a growing trend for photographers who photograph maternity sessions, babies, and boudoir, though I think the sky is […]

April 4, 2017

In February, I shot an amazing styled shoot at Pear Tree Estate with some amazing vendors, but could not have pulled off any of it without the help of sisters Bethany and Ainsley Laven who have owned and operated Southern Magnolias Events since September 2016! As they were decorating the space for our shoot, we […]

March 21, 2017

You guys. I am so so excited to share with you my very first online publication! What does it mean to be published? Aside from the pure marketing standpoint of things, it’s also a way to inspire other brides and grooms to find ideas for anything from their engagement session to wedding day details! It’s […]

March 7, 2017

What is my job to you? Do you truly understand what it means to be a photographer? Or any business owner really. It would be truly wonderful if all I had to worry about was taking pretty pictures. I can only dream. Behind the rainbow and sunshine curated screens of Instagram, you‚Äôd see me spending […]

January 10, 2017

Every once in a great while, you’ll catch a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram or Facebook, but they’re rare. If you’re wanting to see more BTW shots, you’re better off following me on Snapchat, although you’ll also see lots of my super spunky little girl on there! However, throughout the year, I compile a folder dedicated […]

October 4, 2016

Prairie Glass House, Champaign, IL A few weeks ago, news spread all over my Facebook feed about the newest upcoming wedding venue to the Champaign area. Prairie Glass House¬†is the home of¬†Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope who have now decided to turn their property into a venue for both small intimate events or larger wedding […]