Living in a small town of 3000 people has been challenging but I've been able to successfully run my photography business since 2013 and have learned so much along the way. I've been quietly mentoring other photographers all around central Illinois for a couple years now and am excited to share my knowledge with so many others with the hopes that you may learn from my mistakes. and am excited to be considered to teach and to help you on your journey!

I’m an open book.
Ask me anything.

yaasss show me more!

I've been where you've been. Scouring every corner of the web for all the information, only to get so overwhelmed that I didn't really put it into practice until I learned it hands on from someone else. Let's fix that, like, yesterday. 

mentoring with me

1-on-1 full session



skype mini session

The ultimate walk-through of my entire process. Nothing is off limits. Ask whatever you want while drinking coffee (or fireball, whatevs.) I'll set you up with a session to shoot with me and you'll get brand spankin' new headshots. Ideal for more experienced 'togs willing to travel to (or with!) me. 

Ideal for photographers who want to pick my brain Q+A style. We'll cater to whatever you want to learn. We can discuss workflow, editing, client experience, blogging, Harry Potter trivia, whatever you want! If you're local, we can meet up or keep things virtual.

Each session is customized to cover what it is specifically that you would like to learn. Check out THIS BLOG POST covering one of my past one-on-one mentor sessions!

You don't have to do it alone.

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