EVERY WOMAN DESERVES to live a life of self-love, WHY NOT YOU?

midwest boudoir photographer capturing your inner badass

More than 90% of women don't see themselves as beautiful. In today's society, it's tough to see past the flaws in your own body to instead see these flaws as powerful representations of the journey you've been on in life. It's a true gift to have the ability see past stretch marks and remember the life you held within, to not see scars as flaws but as victories of the challenges life brought before you, to see wrinkles as markers of the time that you've been blessed with thus far. As a boudoir photographer I feel it to be my duty to remind women that these are not "flaws" and that no matter what season of life she is in, she is beautiful, powerful, and sexy. I love providing my clients with stunning images and an experience that leaves them seeing themselves in a new light and feeling empowered. 

how it all works...

- hit me up - say heyyy (there's a form for that) and take the leap

- prep for your session and don't stress 'cause it'll be easy

- figure out where you'll get your sexy on (make sure we have good big windows!)

- arrive for your session - get pampered - feel good 

- wait for those photos to arrive (the anticipaaaattiooonnn) 

- fall in love with yourself because you deserve it

All 2019 boudoir sessions include up to three hours shooting in the location of your choice, professional makeup, an online gallery that displays all of your high-resolution digital images, and a little black book.


oh, interested are you?

Sound aaamazing? You’re not wrong.

I cannot say enough about Emily Magers. She did our engagement and wedding photography and we were blown away with her talent, her incredible eye for that perfect photo and her professionalism. When you hire Emily, you are not only getting a fantastic photographer but you will also be getting a life long friend. Your wedding day is as special to her as it is to you.

- sheila



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let's find your inner goddess - trust me, she's in there.