Bexley’s FOUR!



  1. Sharon Ward says:

    She is so cute and growing up really fast! Your mother would be so proud of you and Rachel, and would be loving this little girl to death!

  2. […] Eeema (as Bexley calls her). I knew before we even set a date for senior photos what this girl would want. Being […]

  3. […] I’ve told people before, that if God only planned for us to have one child, I’m so happy it’s Bexley. She’s been a light in our lives from the moment we knew we were pregnant with her (though we didn’t know she was a “her” until she was born!) It was unexpected and I didn’t think it was possible, but the loss of baby #2 made us even more grateful to have Bexley. We found out firsthand how easy it is to lose a pregnancy and we instantly were so thankful to have had a flawless pregnancy and delivery with her – despite the 24/7 nausea with her. We may try again for another, but this season we’re especially thankful for our sweet, sensitive, smart, and spunky four year old. […]

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